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Our Story

When I walked into my first yoga class 7 years ago I didn't know what it would become for me. I did not understand that this incredible practice could heal my mind, body and soul.


I have discovered so many things about myself and my body through yoga. I'm mentally and physically stronger than I ever knew I could be, and so much of that is credited to Yoga!


​I love yoga and I'm excited to share this with you all!


Rachel Quillen
Owner - Sol Speak Yoga

Our Vision

My hope for our studio is that we can bring people from all backgrounds and walks of life together to experience something that is so wonderful and healing for their mind, body and spirit.


When you are in a class with other people and everyone moves together you can have such an incredible connection to not only yourself but those around you. I truly believe that yoga is the cure for anything and everything and I live by that!


Our goal is to share the gift of this practice with anyone that wants to experience it with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (faq)


1. What are your hours?

We open 15 minutes before each class. See our full class schedule here or download the "Sol Speak Yoga" app.

2. How do I sign up for a class?

We use a third part service called Wellnessliving to book our classes. You can sign up for a Wellnessliving account here or download the "Sol Speak Yoga" app to sign up and book classes. iPhone App -- Android App

3.What do I wear?

We suggest something comfortable and form-fitting that absorbs sweat and will allow you to move, stretch and breathe with ease.

4. What do I bring?

You don't need to bring anything but you may consider bringing a water bottle, towel and yoga mat. We have mats for rent if you don't have one.

5. Can I rent your beautiful studio?

Yes. We do rent our studio for certain kinds of events. However, there are events that we cannot accommodate. Please email us at solspeakyoga@gmail.com for more info.

6. Will you donate to my charity event?

We love our community! Cache Valley is an amazing place with so many beautiful people. We loving giving whenever we can. If you have an event or charitable organization that is looking for donations please send us an email and we will try the best we can to help out.