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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Certified

Aug 25 - Dec 11, 2024

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Who is YTT for???

Aspiring Yoga Instructors: Those who wish to teach yoga professionally.

Yoga Practitioners: Individuals looking to deepen their personal practice and understanding of yoga.

Health and Wellness Professionals: Fitness trainers, physiotherapists, and healthcare providers wanting to incorporate yoga into their offerings.

Spiritual Seekers: People interested in exploring the philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Personal Development Enthusiasts: Those seeking self-improvement and personal growth through the principles and practices of yoga.

Community Leaders: Individuals aiming to bring yoga to their communities or workplaces.

Athletes: Those wanting to enhance their performance, flexibility, and mental focus through yoga.

People Seeking Stress Relief: Individuals looking for tools to manage stress and improve mental health.

Yoga Teacher Training

200 HR Course Includes

The Sol Speak Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training includes but not limited to the areas below.

-Yoga History
-Yoga Philosophy
-Introduction to Ayurveda
-Teaching Methodology

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Meet Your Instructors

Rachel Quillen

Rachel received her 500 Hour Yoga Alliance certification here is Cache Valley. She ahs been practicing yoga for nearly 10 years and is the owner of Sol Speak Yoga. She specializes in business management, mental health advocacy & continuing her studies to become a Yoga Therapist. 

Melissa Burch

Melissa received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher certification in Jackson Hole and 300 Hour here in Cache Valley. She has been teacher for more than 10 years. She specializes in sequencing, alignment principles, power vinyasa and Ayurveda.

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